General Description

FS5908 is a precise environmental temperature sensor chip to digitize and format the technology of environmental temperature. It is also one of SOC (System On Chip) chips of FSC Company that combined with sensor. The chip includes:

Digital Silicon Temperature Sensor (Resolution: 0.125℃)

Calibration Algorithm

PROM Coefficients

I²C Interface and SMBus Format

Open Drain ALARM (“Interrupt” and “Comparator” mode)

The internal control register status, calibration coefficient, I²C address lines and so on can be generated through PROM to meet the application requirement at production. When the chip is power on, all internal status will be at programmed default status so that FS5908 is flexible for variety applications.

A variable input voltage between 2.5V~5.5V of FS5908 will not influence the output of the temperature sensor.



Chip can measure temperature by itself without any other external component.
8 pin SOP package.
I²C digital interface (SMBus Format).
Temperature value can be read at any time via I²C interface.
Provide open drain over/under temperature warning pin (ALARM) in Comparator Mode or Interrupt Mode. Power on default is in Comparator Mode.
Readable upper and lower bound register (TUpLim and TLowLim) via I²C interface.
Upper and lower bound register can be one time programmed according to the application at production. TUpLim and TLowLim will be the programmed default at 80℃ and 75℃ when power on.
Different temperature accuracy requirement for variety applications can be met by calibration under different temperature.
When micro-controller is not connected, FS5908 can be an independent temperature sensor (Watch Dog) or thermostat.
Reducing the current consumption to minimum in Stand-by Mode.
The I²C interface of the chip can connect up to 128 FS5908 chips.
Low voltage detection.
The I²C address line of FS5908 is composed by an external address select line (A0) and the address select line (A6-A1), which can be programmed by PROM. When A0 is 0, A6 ~ A1 is forced to setup to 100100; when A0 is 1, A6 ~ A1 � PROM9<7:2>.



Personal Computers.
Measuring Instruments.
Industry Control.
Household Appliance.
Automobile Temperature Detection.
Sports and Health Equipment.
System Temperature Management and Environmental Temperature Measurement.
All related products that need to measure temperature by digital format.



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