General Description

The FS8860 is a low-dropout linear regulator that operates in the input voltage range from +2.5V to +7.0V and delivers 1.0A output current.

The FS8860 is available in two types, fixed output voltage type or adjustable output voltage type. The fixed output voltage type is preset at an internally trimmed voltage 1.8V, 2.5V or 3.3V. Other options 1.5V, 2.85V, 3.0V and 3.6V are available by special order only. The output voltage range of adjustable type is from 1.25V to 5V.

The FS8860 consists of a 1.25V bandgap reference, an error amplifier, and a P-channel pass transistor. Other features include short-circuit protection and thermal shutdown protection. The FS8860 devices are available in SOT-223, TO-252 packages.   



Low dropout voltage 700mV at 1.0A typ.
Adjustable output voltage (FS8860-Cx) or fixed output voltage (FS8860-xxCx) preset at 1.8V, 2.5V, or 3.3V
High output voltage accuracy
Fixed output voltage : กำ35mV
Adjustable output voltage : กำ50mV
Small output capacitor
Output current limit
Thermal overload shutdown protection
SOT-223, TO-252 packages



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