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The FS3332 Series are protection ICs for 2-serial-cell lithium-ion/lithium-polymer rechargeable batteries and include high-accuracy voltage detectors and delay circuits.

These ICs are suitable for protecting 2-cell rechargeable lithium-ion/lithium-polymer battery packs from overcharge, overdischarge, and over-current.



Low supply current Normal Operation : 7.5£gA typ. 14.2£gA max. Power-down mode : 0.3£gA typ.
Overcharge detection voltage [VOCU] 3.90V~4.60V, Accuracy of °”25mV
Overcharge release voltage [VOCR] 3.60V~4.60V, Accuracy of °”50mV
Over-discharge detection voltage [VODL] 1.70V~2.60V, Accuracy of °”80mV
Over-discharge release voltage [VODR] 1.70V~3.80V, Accuracy of °”100mV
Over current detection voltage [VOI1] 0.07V~0.30V, Accuracy of °”20mV
Short circuit detection voltage [VOI2] Fixed at 1.0V
Delay times are set by an external capacitor. Each delay time for Overcharge detection, Over-discharge detection, Over-current detection are °ßProportion of hundred of ten to one°®
Two over-current detection levels (protection for short-circuit)
Internal auxiliary over voltage detection circuit (Fail safe for over voltage)
High-withstanding-voltage devices Absolute maximum rating: 18 V
Wide operating temperature range -40 to +85ĘXC
Wide supply voltage range 2.0 ~ 16V
Pb free 8-pin TSSOP package



Protection IC for 2-Cell Lithium-Ion / Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack
Portable DVD, DSC, PDA, etc.


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