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The DW01HA battery protection IC is designed to protect lithium-ion/polymer battery from damage or degrading the lifetime due to overcharge, overdischarge, and/or overcurrent for one-cell lithium-ion/polymer battery powered systems, such as cellular phones.
The ultra-small package and less required external components make it ideal to integrate the DW01HA into the limited space of battery pack. The accurate °”50mV overcharging detection voltage ensures safe and full utilization charging. The very low standby current drains little current from the cell while in storage.



With built-in N-MOSFET of low turn-on resistance.
Reduction in Board Size due to Miniature Package SOT-23-6, DFN-5.
Protection IC°G
Ultra-Low Quiescent Current at 3£gA (Vcc=3.9V).
Ultra-Low Overdischarge Current at 3£gA (Vcc=2.0V.
Overcharge Protection Voltage
4.28V °” 25mV
Overdischarge Protection Voltage
2.4V °” 100mV
Overcurrent Protection Voltage
150mV °” 15mV
Auto Recovery function
Rss(ON) °’ 55m£[
(VGS = 3.7V , ID = 1A)



Protection IC for One-Cell Lithium-Ion / Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack


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