Fortune Semiconductor Corporation (Fortune™), established since 1995, is an analog IC design house headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan. As one of the very first design houses in Asia to enter analog IC design, accumulated experience has contributed to our proficiency in both circuit design and SOC/SIP technology.
Over the past decade, consumer electronics have become increasingly affordable, fueling the ubiquity of mobile phones, laptops, digital cameras, and digital reading devices, while spreading the benefits of digital technology to millions of consumers around the world. At the same time, Fortune products, with top-notch circuit design and quality-control, created massive leaps in price-performance for power management IC, battery management IC, and other analog ICs. Thus Fortune has assisted many manufacturers enhance the value of consumer electronics. Many of the fastest growing system houses and electronic manufacturers of Asia choose Fortune ICs for their uniform quality, unmatched value, and ready availability.
Today, we continue to leverage our design and production know-how to advance the competitiveness of IC chips in ways previously not thought possible. Looking ahead, we will focus our development efforts and further increase the price-performance ratio of IC components for the benefit of our customers, our investors, and digital consumers.



Date Established : Sep., 1995
Headquarters : Taipei, Taiwan
Employees : 40
Paid-in Capital : USD 10M
Products : 1. Battery Management IC
2. Power Management IC
3. Other Analog Devices

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